Travel Photography

The Ultimate Photographic Travel Luxury

No more awkward, precarious handing off your camera to a stranger and hoping they get a half-way decent shot, no more worrying about memory card space, no more irritation at trying to figure out complex lighting. 

Be IN the pictures with your family for once! 

You will have a professional photographer focused exclusively on you and your family, capturing your memories  artistically, and taking care of all the technical aspects of photography with extremely high-grade photographic equipment to tell a meaningful, photo-journalistic story of your travel. You will see my love of photography and travel come through in your family's images!

I will be by your side the from the departure gate to the arrival gate. Whether capturing the first expressions of awe at the Taj Mahal, the romantic embrace at the Eiffel Tower, or even a close to home trip to the Grand Canyon or a Napa Valley Anniversary get-away. I will work with you to develop your travel itinerary, researching the locations for photographic considerations, and offering my travel experience when helpful. I have traveled to Peru, India, the UK, Italy, France, Canada, Mexico, as well as throughout the United States. 

I know how to get that sunset shot and still see the faces, and I know how to use a flash in a crowded cruise ship dining room.  Leave the photography to us and focus on enjoying your trip! When you get back, you will have timeless, priceless, meaningful images that will be the envy of friends and family and worthy of adorning the walls of your house either in large format photographic prints or custom fine-art canvases and gallery wraps. 

For samples of our travel photography, please click this link.


-Memories that you, your friends, and family will treasure for generations to come

-Continuous coverage as you desire from your family's wake-up to bed time, including meals

-16 or 32Gb flash drive with final edited web-res. images 3-5 weeks after return

-I will keep a typed travel log for you of sites visited/toured, restaurants, etc.

-Video Slide Show of Trip Highlights on DVD or Digital Video format for computer

-Online Proofing Gallery

-1 16x20 Photographic Print from Trip

-$200 KiranPhotography Prints & Products Credit


Contact me as far in advance as possible to confirm availability and for more details. 

Contract and retainer amount required to reserve date(s). Contact me today!


$1,500 base fee* 


*Plus travel, lodging, site admission(s), & per diem food allowance expenses

(Base fee waived for travel in TX, OK, LA, AR, NM)

*Prices may vary depending  on certain durations, locations, and seasons. 




Photography Basics Tutoring (2 hours)

Confused by all the settings, buttons, dials on your SLR or all those terms like aperture, depth of field, AI Servo, RAW files, white balance? Want to know how to get that background to blur in your images?

Start getting the most out of your Digital camera, by learning how to unleash its abilities.

Capture your memories the way you intend to by controlling your camera - not letting it control you!  Most SLR's start at around 600 dollars! That's a lot of money to take pictures always just hoping for the best! 

For our photo basics 101 session, I will go through the basics of exposure including shutter speeds, aperture, focusing, and camera controls, as well as any other questions that interest you or holding you back - all at a pace and depth of coverage that's comfortable for you.  

With 9 years of education experience, and 3 years as an assistant leader for a photography club, I recognize the value of a non-threatening one-on-one environment where your questions can be directly addressed to your satisfaction. I will also provide you with visuals and instructional materials to help you understand certain concepts. (We photographers are right-brained, right?) ;-)

We will also have hands-on practice on your camera to apply the concepts so that you leave with more confidence, knowledge, and skills by the time we finish. 


You won't believe what you'll be able to do with even an entry level SLR once you get off that green auto setting! 

Contact me to schedule your session today! 

*I am primarily a Canon shooter, and very family with those systems, however, I can explain the basic functions on any digital SLR camera system, and help you understand what the instruction manual is saying for more advanced functional questions or areas of interest. 


On Location Tutoring

I also offer on location tutoring, wherein I will accompany you to a shoot, your child's game, a new home studio, or other event and assist you, guiding you on how to get the shot, building your confidence in your abilities and skill in photography.

I will assist with: 

  • basic studio-lighting**,
  • camera controls,
  • posing,
  • location,
  • theme,
  • etc.

Basically, you'll have a photography tutor by your side whenever you hit a snag or have a question as to how to achieve a certain effect - one of the best ways to learn in a dynamic, authentic setting. 

(**We can also meet at my home studio to practice with my studio equipment if you do not have access or want to try it out before you buy.)

Subject to Availability - Contact me to reserve a date today!