I used to think I was just weird.

Growing up in a mixed-ethnicity household, exposed to a plethora of cultures through my Indian father, introduced to literature and classical music by my Californian Irish mother, attending enrichment programs for theatre, fine arts, and technology during my summer holidays, I didn't exactly have the American pie, baseball, and video games childhood that most of my peers had. In addition to heroes like David Robinson and the Ninja Turtles, I grew up admiring the greats like Tchaikovsky, Robert Frost, and Rembrandt.

Yet, it was this distinct recipe of ingredients that began to mold, influence, and shape my artistic vision. I've always been an aesthetic perfectionist. Now, sometimes this puts me at odds with popular culture, I'd much rather go see a Dutch Golden Age portraiture exhibit than hang out in a pro-team's locker room, but in developing as both a photographer and an artist, I realize that I am weird for and with a purpose.

My business is based on the guiding principle of Proverbs 16:3, Commit to the Lord your works, and your plans will be established. 
Purpose Statement

Kiran Photography creates meaningful, aesthetic, and narrative image artwork - displaying God's blessing's through lasting moments and helping people share how they see themselves.

Kiran Photography specializes in a full service experience, creating high-quality printed work in the following areas:

  • Portraits (HS Seniors, Families, Couples)
  • Special events & Religious Ceremonies (e.g. Baptisms & Pooja Ceremony etc.)
  • Indian Cultural events (Baby Shower, Birthday Party, Diwali, etc.)

I offer the best in photographic products including elegant, modern canvases, exceptional framed fine art prints, printed books, heirloom albums, and more.

I am located in McKinney and primarly serve the North Dallas Area.  I work in studio and on location.

Bottom line: This is me. Doing what I love, pursuing the gifts the Lord has given me ultimately to bring all glory to Him. That is what I work to communicate. I feel fulfilled when I am in the service of others and when my work is a blessing to others accentuating the blessings in my clients' lives.

Photographs find their place on our desks at work to remind us who we're working for. They are the first things up on walls or refrigerator in a new house, transforming it from a house to our home. And more than likely, they're some of the first things we would want to grab if we had to exit a house on fire. They're a legacy, which is why they're that important. For these reasons, Kiranphotography is not a "shoot and burn" business. Whether museum quality portraits on canvas for your walls or hardbound books of your event, I create artwork for homes, not for hard drives; permanent artwork you can touch, hold, and own. 

I am about more than taking pictures, I am focused on art-based story telling.

Please view the portfolio for samples of my work, contact me and let me know how we can work together to provide you with images you can treasure for a lifetime.

copyright 2017 Kiran Fernandes- Kiran Photography McKinney North Texas Portrait & Event Photographer