Kiran Fernandes Video Reel

2020 IIANT Day of Service - 6th Grade Engagement Video 

For this project, I was approached to create a video for students to watch as part of their engagement on the school's annual Day of Service event. Students chose the questions to ask, I completed all lighting design, all filming, all editing/post-production, and guided subjects through phrasing of impromptu responses in certain places to improve clarity & enhance the message to be consistent with standard International baccalaureate language & values. 

2020-2021 Dragon Pride Yearbook Theme Promo

A few years ago, I started creating promo videos for the yearbook theme. This is the most recent. I selected foley (heartbeat). I filmed all b-roll, worked with students to script, selected soundtrack, I also created most of the still photography images for the flashing image sequences. 

The Very Hungry Caterpillar| Mandarin Chinese

In fall of 2019, I was tasked with creating a series of 5 different children's books narrated by parents in the community who spoke foreign languages. I recorded and produced separate productions for each each book in each of the following languages English, Spanish, Urdu, & Mandarin Chinese. 

I designed the lighting, built a set, recorded audio, used a multi-cam setup with a motorized camera slider (inspired by Jerod & the dana dolley setup he showed me), selected soundtrack, and completed all post-production. The challenge in this project was matching up narration, and pacing the editing and transition to follow & align with several languages that I don't speak. 

2019 Dragon Pride Yearbook Theme

Another yearbook promo video, I conceptualized the narrative to communicate the theme of "Living in Colour", storyboarded, cast, filmed, and completed all post-production. I created most still photography featured in flashing image sequences. I also photoshoped all selective colour effects for these sequences, and I created the final graphic artwork. These yearbook promos were passion projects and not assigned to me by administration. 

MYP | Shakespeare Festival 

This project was part of a series and an independent initiative to help people looking at our school gain insight into unique annual grade level events and engage with the unique characteristics of our program.  Most responses were un-scripted, but I did help guide interview subjects into phrasing & utilizing International Baccalaureate standardized language. I filmed all interview & b-roll segments, selected soundtrack, and completed all post-production. 

Personal Project Feature - Mabrey M

I was given an assignment to display an outstanding 10th grade student project. I wrote the script, I flmed all interview and b-roll segments, selected soundtrack, and completed all post-production. I also created the brand-standard video intro text motion graphic, which was expanded to be used in most successive videos. 

Day of Celebration

This was another independent project I conceptualized to showcase annual school traditions and culture for community members & prospective students/families. 

I wrote pre-scripted questions and interviewed the Chief Academy Officer  to elicit unscripted responses - I guided her to utilize brand consistent language and phrase responses to emphasize shared corporate and International Baccalaureate programme values. I filmed all interview & b-roll segments, selected soundtrack, and completed all post-production and the text effect in the intro sequence. 


I created the banner channel art and every video on this channel (with exception of the "Senior Farewell Video", "2020 Family Day Senior Video", and "Primary years Programme Information")


Still Image Highlight Portfolio: 


Ketron, Vickie (2)Ketron, Vickie (2) Sheets, MikeSheets, Mike Nuckolls, Tim (2)Nuckolls, Tim (2)