Ready to get the ball rolling? We're excited to create something beautiful & meaningful to shape & share your unique story!

Our goal is to make everything easy for you so you can show up be you, and get finished printed artwork to show off!

Here's an overview of the our full-service process from start to finish!


Consultation: (Let's Chat!) 

1.We want to get to know you and how we can tell your unique story. Why is now the right moment to be intentional about investing in high-quality photography? Why is preserving these memories for your current & future family important to you? 

  • We want to get to know you and tell you a little bit about what makes Kiran Photography different as a portrait print artist and how we design artwork for your home.
  • I will send you a Calendar Notification to show that I have noted the tentative date for you. (Note: Dates are not reserved until a contract is signed and retainer payment is completed) 
  • I will prepare and send a contract indicating details such as the date and location of the sitting, charges for the sitting, and format for presentation of images. You can sign this contract online.
  • You will be able to pay the non-refundable retainer amount to reserve the date. If within 2 weeks of the sitting, complete payment is due at time of contract signing. I can accept payment by cash, check, zelle, venmo, or online credit card/transfer by Chase Quick Pay. (3% fee for online credit card payment)

2. Planning Meeting:

  • I'll come to your home to talk about your vision & desires for the images. We'll brainstorm ideas together, talk through a timeline and any posed portrait groupings for events, and depending on the type of sitting or event, we will discuss the type of feel you would like for your images, best time of day to photograph, location, etc.
  • We will plan the spaces throughout your home where you would like to feature wall art images and take necessary measurements. I will also take a picture of the spaces you plan to put the images which I will use during the viewing and ordering appointment in specialized software to plan and visualize the perfect sizing when you are making your final image selections. 
  • We may work together to fill out a pre-sitting questionnaire, or I will give you the link to complete at your convenience and send at least two weeks before the siting/event.

3. Two weeks before sitting/event:

  • Complete balance payment is due via zelle, venmo, online payment, mail, or dropped by my home studio.

  • Please complete pre-sitting questionnaire if applicable.

  • Please complete wedding/special event timeline if applicable.

  • Please read the sitting tips page for advice on how to prepare for your sitting. 



1. We meet at the studio or location, and capture meaningful, aesthetic, and narrative images of you! 

2. For a headshot/personal branding sitting, we will review & select your favorite image for advanced retouching. 



1. In the weeks following your sitting or event,  I will go through the RAW images, remove unflattering images, test shots, and select the best images to tell the story of the event/sitting. I will complete basic "pre-touching" on each image on the selected images. I adjust colour, contrast, and general cropping.

2.  Viewing & Ordering Appointment:

  • We will meet at the studio and I will present your images for the first time! We'll work together to select your favorite images for prints on paper, gallery canvas, or metal, press books, cards, and more. You'll want to plan about an hour and arrange for all decision makers to be present, whether that be mom or dad, your senior student, or anyone who will need to be part of the home decor and financial decision-making process. 
  • Portrait artwork makes a fantastic gift for those who love you the most, so it is often helpful to make a list of people like grandparents, aunts uncles, who might also enjoy a feature image in their home or for whom you intend to give gift print.  Evernote is a great app for this!
  • Once you've finalized your selections, please be prepared to pay for your product order via zelle, venmo, check, or online-credit card at the time of your order approval. All print products ordered on the day of your ordering appointment are eligible for the collection discount. Please note that due to the nature of print products, all sales are final once you have finalized & approved your selections and made payment. We prefer zelle, venmo, cash or check in order to save you the additional credit card processing fee.  
  • If desired, I can complete advanced retouching or additional art edits on any images you would like (additional per image charges may apply). Advanced retouching would include skin softening, wrinkle removal, body shaping, head swaps, black & white versions, etc. 

3.  After the presentation,

  • I will finish the final retouching and culling on the images you've selected and prepare them for print at our professional lab.
  • I'll send you an email with a link to your proofing gallery to share with friends and family, and whomever else you like.
  • I will also include the download password for the WebResolution images you ordered.  
  • We encourage you to share your personal Gallery link or Web images on facebook, twitter, instagram, pinterest, your personal website, however you like! 


1. I will reach out when your order arrives to schedule a time to pick up or deliver your order. 

  • for local clients, I will personally install your wall art (16x24) and larger in your home, and deliver your book or album and gift prints as a  complimentary service.
  • orders may be shipped directly for an additional fee. 

2. Ordered images in your online gallery are guaranteed available for up to 3 months from your gallery opening, during which time you, or your friends and family may purchase gift-sized prints at any time - please note that after this time frame, images may be deleted or removed to make space for new sittings. Images that are not ordered are deleted.