Follow these simple steps to order an according book with images from your session.

Accordion books make a great gift option to share multiple images from a session with friends and family! 

1. In your gallery at the top left of the page find the drop down menu that says "Favorites" and select "Add New Set" - title it with your name and "Accordion Book Images"  

2. Select the images you would like to include and add them to the favorites set

  • You will need to fill 12 spaces (6 panels per spread side). (see example below)
  • A horizontal image can be used to fill 2 panels with a fold line for more dramatic effect and visual impact.
  • Choose 1 image for the front cover and one for the back cover. 
  • You can arrange the images for the spreads in order of how you would like them to appear or I can arrange them for you if you prefer. 

3. After clicking on your favorites set, find the link at the top of page which says "Send to" and select "Send to Photographer". 

4. Complete this information form to specify options of your book. 

Spread 1Spread 1